Reply To: Trouble Getting a Diagnosis


Hi Cynthia,
I wrote you a long reply and I think it disappeared…
The summary is probably better than the long ramble.
Basically, you say you’re a masters student.
Your college/university should have a disability resource center (sometimes called different names – disabled student services etc…)
If you are an enrolled student they should be able to provide you with guidance through this process of getting diagnosed and trying medication and other support tools. They may even have a support group for students on campus for accountability and learning study and life strategies.
Sometimes they pay for diagnosis and/or testing or do it in-house. Even if they can’t help you on campus, they are usually connected to folks in the community who work with students with ADHD and who their students have had good experiences with.
I missed out on this because I figured this out right after graduating, but I still was given recommendations of what psychologists and psychiatrists in town were good and really well educated on ADHD – not just that stereotype version.
In addition to getting accommodations to help you with your master’s program, these offices are usually a very good place to get started on the diagnosis process. Of course, how good they are varies by university and by the person you actually talk to, but they are generally a really good resource and place to start.