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It can be, sorry is, at least for me, a lonely lonely existence. In my case, the massive amount of shame that built up in my life, due to constant failure as a kid. But also it is a condition that is not believed by so many. People are extremely judgmental and an adult like me, unemployed, no direction, well, imagine what I’ve had to handle from the world. I have given up on mentioning that I have severe ADHD because its such a waste of energy for me and the negativity that comes back isn’t worth it. Also I have found people who don’t have the condition no matter how sympathetic just cant imagine it and fare enough. How could you if you didn’t spend a life of struggle with it not being able to escape its claws. I have nothing at 55, no house, no job, no relationship, no money. In some peoples eyes I’m sure I’m a no good lazy so and so with some psychological issues (nut Job). Oh the struggle you know I really think the best thing I’ve ever done was to give up the psychological aspect of struggle but that doesn’t take away the worldly issues of money and work etc. but it is less exhausting.