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Hi Ellings4,
I have not actually! I didn’t realize that I could use the school as a resource. I will definitely look into that.
I do agree that they should be cautious about handing out meds and my initial approach was simply to get a diagnosis and go from there but after a couple of sessions where she only asked me to answer yes/no to symptoms, I assumed she would then proceed with getting to know me and talking to me about the context in which I exhibit the symptoms I said yes to. However, instead of doing this, she simply decided I exhibited symptoms of depression, anxiety, and hyperactive/inattentive ADHD and proceeded to try and convince me to take depression medication and complete exercises for depression without listening to me when I would say, “I know it looks like depression but I’ve experienced that before due to x circumstances, however, I am no longer depressed, I am happy and love my life but I’m still having problems with completing my assignments at work/home, and keeping my home clean and taking care of myself and so here I am.”
She has even said herself that I do not appear depressed and that the symptoms I exhibit are MILDLY depressive but she continues trying to push me toward treatment for depression while ignoring any treatment for ADHD or even anxiety.
At this point it feels as if I am more educated in distinguishing between real depression and depression symptoms caused by ADHD after extensive research over the last two months than these two psychologists.
I’ll be moving on to seeing an entirely new mental health physician this week and this next person is actually a psychiatrist rather than a psychologist so I’m hoping that they will be more helpful.
Thank you for your feedback. It’s reassuring to feel understood on this website since I haven’t yet encountered that in the medical/psychological world.