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I understand your frustrations of dealing with a child that is different from others as you say. It is never easy for any parent despite how many kids you could have raised already. One thing I have found pretty consistent in helping one through is learning. By learning I meaning reading any content you can get your hands on about parenting and especially from authors that seem to cover something related to your current issue. You may be lucky to find someone who has actually gone through all the issues facing you right now and found a way around it.
Secondly, complaining or saying something 25 times may not always work. For instance, we realized our son would always do the things we asked him not to do. However, hard we went on him, the harder it was for him to obey. After consulting here and there and reading a couple of parenting books, we realized the importance of being positive in correcting. Instead of noticing the bad things he did, we applauded him for the few times he actually did something good. Somehow it got him to do things better within time. You could try the same with your some and see if anything changes.
Finally, stay strong some of these habits fade away as one matures into an adult. Most times its just the ignorance of teenage hood that makes kids behave so.