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Amen on the hyperfocus I know a lot of basically useless information I can’t apply to my real life (which lies in wait for me to take action on it and actually plan set goals carry through) I spent the entire afternoon and evening yesterday googling about bear attacks on people how to survive one and lists of people killed by bears in last few decades. How to tell the three main types of bears and all their habits and behaviours – fascinating and terrifying also So random and annoying but had me intrigued. Why oh why can’t I sum up that level of interest for the stuff the stuff for life I actually really need to do?! I find my Dexedrine activates me to “do” rather than just sit and “think” (gets me out of my head and makes me stop ruminating about everything and analyzing) but honestly it takes a lot of stimulant meds to get me activated and I wonder if that much of it is really bad for my body.