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Welcome to my world–ADHD! I didn’t want to have medication until I tried several options, and I am glad I waited. I am a 57 year old female, have bounced off the walls all my life, struggled with impulsivity, super speed processing functions, 100 thoughts at a time 100 mph. My husband used to ask me where I got so many ideas, and I told him, “It is a gift.” I am an educational therapist and actually have found so much help for myself while helping clients. The big game changers for me are: Wearing Irlen lenses, doing Berard AIT, a 10-day auditory integrative training, and taking Neurobiologix’s Neurotransmitter pills and their B cream which is called Neuro-Immune Stabilizer Cream. I feel like my life is under control now, I am seldom impulsive, I don’t bounce off the walls, I manage time better, although I still often think I have more time than I do, etc. Many people struggle finding the right medication which is why I wanted to try non medication options first. I hope this is helpful.