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I wish to say a big thank you to everyone in this forum. As a therapist I am learning SO much from you all. Especially from hjoysharp, fawn_hoof, leanz, dmwalsh and the rest. Just reading every post here was an eduction for me .And I hope to help a lot of people as a result.

I had only read about ADHD but never had a patient before. I got my first patient three weeks back and it was like stepping into another world. I felt totally helpless and failed professionally because I went into sympathy with the mother and was almost crying along with her! Oddly enough, I got another ADHD patient soon thereafter but by then I had begun getting this magazine – for which I am grateful. Just to say, I do not charge for ADHD patients (or Autistic patients or any patients who have a ‘condition’).

I think TaurusMoon, and jrbasm, mmedubuc, Friendshiplady, Pump2Duncan, ADHDmomma, hjoysharp and all those parents of ADHD kids as also the parents of fawn_hoof (and fawn_hoof herself) are incredibly incredibly brave and persistent. The going must be so hard at times but you somehow draw the strength from deep within you to battle on.

You have no idea what an inspiration you are to me. And i thought I had problems!

Thank you all very much and God bless you all