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My daughter (who was diagnosed with ADHD herself) is my most vocal CRITIC! When I make a mistake like forgetting something or saying something inappropriate during an argument, she is sure to tell me that I can’t use my ADHD as an excuse. No one in my family knows this, but I’m tired. Really, really tired. I struggle at work. I struggle at home. I struggle maintaining friendships. I struggle to accept the lack of acceptance exhibited by others. I struggle to control spending. I struggle to forgive myself when I lose something important. I struggle to stop being so clumsy. I struggle to not make a huge mess when I cook. I struggle to go to bed at a decent hour. I’ve totally lost the struggle when it comes to eating sweets! I struggle not to cry at least five times a day. I don’t want to struggle anymore. I just want peace. I just want to be out of everyone’s lives so they don’t have to deal with me and my problems anymore. I’m just done.