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Thanks Exohart and Penny. I wrote a response but got logged out. Maybe I should type faster and be less of a perfectionist :).

Exohart, thanks for taking time to respond. It’s nice to know I’m not alone. A lot of threads on this website sound very familiar. Your question about auditory disruption brought up some thoughts. I can’t tolerate a TV going while I’m trying to talk to someone else, or, well, do anything else. I can’t go to rock concerts as they’re too loud. This has been forever. Classical music is the one thing I can listen to and get work done. It’s so soothing. Someone chewing with their mouth open is really distracting.

The reason I’m a bit hesitant in finding a doctor is I want to make sure I have someone that has plenty of experience with adult ADHD. I read a couple of self diagnostic tests and the standard one has lots of questions that I’d answer with “it depends.” I don’t have issues with missing appointments because I use my calendar app. If I didn’t have that I’d have a lot of troubles, but so would every teenager I know. So it’s kind of a meaningless question. I stay clear of doing certain things so I know I won’t have problems with them, but my wife has to take care of paying bills or reminding me to do it. When my mind starts to race I go for a bike ride. I’ve learned to adapt. I found another self test at TotallyADD and it’s phrased in such a way that there’s no doubt I’m positive. I need a doctor that understands this. How many really do? I saw a webinar that suggests most doctors don’t.

Another issue is insurance. If I need medication then I have to go through the insurance network. I also have to essentially pay for all of this out of pocket (I have a high deductible.) So I really want to know what questions to ask a doctor before I go in.