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Hi there. I’ve suffered from diagnosed ADHD my whole life and it can be very difficult. The way that you’re describing your experiences totally lines up with this disorder. They gave it a bad name because it’s really an attention inconsistency disorder. That is why if you’re passionate or interested you go all in and have hyper focus. The flip side is anything boring you just don’t function. I have an IQ of 177 but through elementary school I was convinced that I was stupid because teachers said all the same things to me and I couldn’t understand why I want functioning like the other kids. I had mastery of all the material but I’d forget to turn in my homework, had impulsivity issues, and had some teachers trying to label me as a bad kid. That helped to cause like self esteem. I’m 37 so given how little understanding I received it must have been worse for you. I’m still sorting out the right meds and dosing after recently deciding to take the medication again as an adult. I started with 10mg of Ritalin twice a day. Although unfortunately It’s had side effects, the difference in my ability to complete tasks is night and day. I had some things that had been hanging over my head for 6 months, an hour after taking the medication I just got everything done quite effortlessly. This is not everyone’s experience on medication however. You will feel like your mind has calmed down and is more settled on medication. I bet that you are a major procrastinator like me. Don’t feel bad about that because it’s a behavioral component of the disorder. You put things off until a deadline is imminent. When you do this the stress and anxiety of time running out gives your brain the stimulation to complete the task. From the behavioral side the way to help is to create restrictions or conditions that you must actually enforce. So for me If I have something important to do I take away whatever I want most until I get it done. Maybe video games, entertainment, or I’ve even not let myself take a nap to get things done. While that behavioral issue is difficult to correct, it’s much much easier if you’re effectively medicated. You have the mental stimulation to not procrastinate changing that behavior so you improve much faster. In regards to your social life that is most likely that you get somewhat overwhelmed and stressed in loud and crowded places which inhibits your opportunity to make friends. You likely just get over stimulated. I’ll ask a question that you should answer for yourself. If you’re day watching tv and someone is in the other room talking but not loudly, do you feel like you can’t focus on the show and respond with frustration? This is a potential sign of an auditory processing issue. What happens I’d that you feel all sounds amplified. They are more distracting and much more invasive. You should definitely get to a doctor and look into medication. There are something like 123 ADHD medications. Go into it knowing that it’s trial and error to find the right medication and dosing for you. I have the effects of the Ritalin in my system right now. It’s the only reason I got through your post and felt compelled to give advice. I signed up just to reply to you. Talk with your doctors. There are some tests that give indications that you have ADHD but notching concrete. The medication slowing things down is confirmation of the diagnosis. You might even have sleep issues because you can’t get your brain to shut off to sleep. 500mg or so of magnesium will help to calm that racing mind if you struggle with it. I hope you find a solution that is the right fit for you. Take care 😉