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Best of luck. Does your son like imagination play? Or is he a big reader? In 3rd and 4th grades, homework time was a nightmare. To end the day on a loving note instead of on crazy mom getting upset about missing work or not handing in work, etc etc., I started reading Harry Potter to him. It sounds like a nothing but it was huge. We always sat together in the family room chair and a half. Eventually, my husband and older son got so they listened most days, too. Because it was in the family/tv room and took place in the evening, right after homework, tv did not play a big part in our lives. Anyway, my son could sit still and listen to me read for more than an hour, sometimes even up to two hours. When we finished the 7th book, he ran and got book 1 again. We read them all again. The second time through, sometimes he would chime in with certain sounds …like when I read that “hermione sighed,” he would sigh.

That evening ritual played a large role in holding the family together during very trying times. It was positive, it was communal, it captured his attention and ours, too. After we finished the second reading of the series, my son began reading them by himself, in bed at night. He read them all again, believe it or not, before moving on to so many other serieses. Today he is still an avid reader and that helps him a lot.