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I have ADHD and I’ve always loved being smooshed in hugs and under heavy blankets. One lady her mentioned how her kid loves being buried under stuffies and that was me too as a kid… now I just borrow into piles of pillows. Until my diagnosis just a couple of years ago, I just thought I was a weirdo who was some kind of ultra creature of comfort.

As for compression CLOTHES, I’m not sure. It would depend on whether the child (or even adult) as any deeper sensory issues like Sensory Processing Disorder. Some peeps with ADHD have a stronger sensory processing issue and hate things like tight clothes. I have a bit of that and I hate hate hate tight clothes, and find them distracting. But I’ve worked with lots of special population kids and adults, and no two people are alike. There are definitely some peeps with ADHD that LIKE compression clothes or a weight vest to help “ground” them. It boils down to the individual and which issues they struggle more with.

When I’m having a tough day at work I often like to put one of those “heat therapy” things you can pop into the microwave to warm up a little then drape across your shoulders. The heat and weight often help more with my anxiety than my muscles.

In general, when starting something new, I usually start small and go from there. 😀