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I think like you for MY son. But, I think society has to learn to adapt, accept, tolerate, and help others that are different then the group present. In a group of geeks, the jock will be different. In a group of jocks, the person that has trouble explaining himself will be frowned upon, because they’ll have to wait to play until they understand him. In a group of little bosses, the emphatic one that wants to think about it slows them down… The ADHD kid could not take his medication, and learn to say just that, and learn to apologize for his impolite impulsivities, and learn to put himself in time out (calming down period), and the others could help, by learning to dedramatize and learn to give a chance.
I can control that. I’m a teacher and that’s what I teach. And it works. All kids bring in to real life: strategies to deal with others, self awareness ans acceptance, and thicker skin to ignore annoyances. If I respectfully ask a kid to take a break in the hall, it is not a punishment, it the right thing to do for all to calm down before we can proceed with our work that might involve an adjustment period (discussion). Rules have to be very clear and often written down, including the consequence).
Those who watch Stranger things will see it. Geeks are often very rigid (not flexible). To avoid rupture, they have specific procedures for different events.
I don’t think it’s always the different person that only has to adjust.
But talking to others, we can’t be angry, we have to be accepting and loving.