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I’m so sorry for what you and your son are experiencing. I’m so sorry for it all. *Sigh* I feel like I just read something I wrote myself. My son is in 4th grade and has been going through the exact same stuff. He has been at the same elementary school since Kindergarten and before he had a diagnosis of any kind, he had frequent outbursts. The school did not handle any of it particularly well, actually doing “reverse evacuations” of the classroom. For example, if he had an outburst, instead of an adult removing him from the classroom and trying to calm him down, they actually took all of the other kids out of the classroom and brought them to a “safe space”! He was never a danger to anyone, he would just get so frustrated that he’d yell. Never once did he get physical with anyone! That practice has created a whole host of problems for him now. He hasn’t had an outburst in over a year (he’s currently on medication to help him) and still, he has trouble making and keeping friends and the kids and parents are always talking about him. My older son is in middle school and siblings of kids in my younger son’s class ask him if he has “issues” because he has heard his younger sibling or parent talking about my son. It’s terrible. The school counselor has done very little to support our family. My son’s current teacher actually said she “didn’t want to stop teaching to deal with” my son. She’s there to teach and that’s what she’s going to do. He has an IEP which allows him a shared aide, but this poor woman is not trained to handle kids with special needs. It’s comforting to know ours is not the only family dealing with this but it doesn’t make it any less heart breaking. I’m counting the days until he goes to middle school!

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