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I feel your pain. And the ticket system you are doing sounds like it isn’t rewarding enough fast enough. My son is the same age. I had tried various rewards and charts without success. I recently read The Kazdin Method For Parenting The Defiant Child because things at his school were going down hill quickly this year. When I really paid attention to what was different from other rewards systems and why they failed it made sense. Most systems offer some sort of withholding or punishment along with the rewards. Would you want to go to a job where you get paid only if you do everything perfectly? And on a timeline that doesn’t meet your needs?
Yes, it requires that adults do more than other systems but it also removes the daily battles. I involved my son in picking his rewards. If it isn’t something he wants then he won’t be motivated to work for it. I also gave him a chance to earn two to three more points than the book suggests since he does have adhd and we are working to change his natural tendencies. I’m finding that as long as I am actively and consistently doing my part then the program works.
I wish both of you the best.