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Unfortunately I do not have a child with ADD/ADHD but upon reading your post I was moved beyond words. It must be so terrible to have a child suffer and be totally helpless to do anything about it. And moreover yours is an ONGOING situation. There must be times when you feel totally desperate and want to rail against all the powers or the Universe that brought this about. There must be times when you keep wishing that YOU had his problem so that he could be spared this pain.
I wonder if you realise your strength… and your power to do things out of the box…
If you keep doing the things you are doing you will continue to get what you are getting. Trying to get your son’s class/schoolmates to befriend him is like trying to drink from a poisoned well. Kids can be unwittingly cruel – it is natural for humans to be mean and selfish and it is for their parents to teach them to be different. what has happened to compassion and a bit of understanding?
So why not seek some outside source of friends for your son – I mean outside of school. May be send him for karate or one of the martial arts classes. It might be an outlet for all his surplus energy. Karate, Tai kwon do and the rest, apart from teaching self defence etc., also teach respect for others, self-discipline and nobility of manner. (I’m sorry, I live in India and have no idea of ho much such activities cost, so I could be shooting off my mouth). But do consider the PRINCIPLE of what I am suggesting: look elsewhere, let him expend his energy and meet new people who do not necessarily know of his ‘past’. Don’t change the your son’s school – that would be half a dozen of the other if you are getting six in this school.
Progress in such cases is very very very slow. If you compare your son to how he was three years ago you will see the difference.Then it becomes tangible.
All the best and Bless you.

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