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I can really relate to this post. I have had so many jobs and changing them within 12-18 months due to boredom or not getting along with coworkers.

The one job that I loved and kept going back to was being a flight attendant (over a span of 31 years). When I was diagnosed this month with ADHD the neuropsychologist stated it was the perfect job for me because it was never routine, always moving and not having to work with the same people all the time.

I recently retired from flying and now have a position within a local hospital that allows me to “float” to different clinics, departments and a variety of hours. I would never be able to keep this job if I was in one place. Variety keeps me from getting bored and helps me with relationships with my coworkers.

I always thought I was mentally ill and just couldn’t keep a job and get along with people. Now, I know why I a, the way I am. I am working on focusing on my strengths and just started Ritalin.i look forward to this journey…I wish it would have started years ago.