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Accept yourself. You are who you are, even when you’re trying to be a better version of yourself- self compassion is important. It’s not your fault that you have ADD, you’re not a failure, you’re doing the best you can. Sometimes it sucks, and sometimes its okay. When you have the energy or the motivation- ride the wave. When you don’t, do the best you can. Don’t over complicate it- don’t pile it on when you’re already under water, and whatever you do, don’t compare yourself to other people. My ADD effects every part of my life. For better and for worse. Every time I take stock in all the twists and turns and tangles my ADD has gotten me into I find myself repeating the phrase “it is what it is.” A hundred times a day. The first time I took ADD meds it was like magic. The world was re-ordered in a way that I could actually manage. I had to stop taking them because I have too many sensitivities to the side effects. The only thing that has saved me is self acceptance. It’s easy to say and hard to find but worth working towards.