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Ok I have been to therapists for DD and they didn’t work if anything I was in there with her and I ended up helping the therapist through something that she was going through and we ended up talking about her instead of why we were there. very frustrating. I think alot of these Doctors need someone to listen to them instead. So just wanted to mention my DD has been diagnosed for 13 yrs with ADHD and she is on medication and also my 9 yr old boy. My DD is on Focalin it has been great but I am trying to lower the dosage since she is getting older and want to see where she is but anyway about Behavior therapy at home we just bought a hug a pod it hangs off the ceiling and it is really neat. it cradles the body and it is a special space for her, she can swing with it or just get that sensory that she needs sometimes, she also has a very soft fluffy blanklet that she likes that relieves her. hope it helps