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I work in a regular school with kid’s with difficulties in Québec. I am medicated. My kids have my difficulties.
School: I push public school, but what ever school, you need to always be positive and calmly honest, it REALLY works to get help from the school, even if we feel like screaming.
You need to find the person that can work with kids and your son in your school with the principale’s help (in class, outside, a small group…), on social abilities, role playing, referee a game of soccer (referee for sportsmanship), even talk about intimidation, how you’re happiest, differences, how people change, how to give a chance… And that person, would be the one that would be there on special activity days, not you. It’s the school’s job to teach subjects and team work abilities. They have to teach reality, every body’s different and we need to accept every body and help those who need it. Here, we have special budgets for that kind of work in schools.
There should be a specific procedure in the school for any kid that act up, so that they would be taken care of, and so that there would be a educative follow up with him, if necessary.