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I really feel for your child. The hardest part about it is as he goes he’s accumulating more & more feelings of rejection which compounds the issues. When you have ADD/ADHD you can tend to already feel rejected and then you begin to reject yourself. I have a website with videos for all kids – but especially those who are burdened with ADHD/ADD. It’s going to be a long road ahead and he’s going to need all the love & encouragement he can get. The website is and click on Auntie Tyan’s Magic Wonder Dreamland Palace. My heart goes out to you but you are not alone: Many families are suffering as you are and the fact that he’s not working through it by himself, that he has your support is extremely important, your efforts are never wasted! Please let him know about the site and to check it out if you approve and, of course, if he wants to!