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Love the feed back thank you guys so much …Here is the thing about the tickets he literally will not even take it from me and put it in the ticket box that’s how “dumb” he thinks it is and I told the therapist I was putting them in there for him cause he wouldn’t and she said no he has to ..and the hard part is even if he works up to the amount to get a treat ..iPad time or video game time or playing a board game he literally gets so mad and frustrated with what he is doing if he is not “winning” at it BOOM major meltdown yelling and stomping and slamming of the bedroom door …so then we are back at square one …At this point I have stopped it.. kept his things away from him and I notice he just does things by himself if I ask him works maybe 50 percent of the time but I will take it…If I notice him doing well I give him a treat or reward but severely limit the time…We have another meeting next week and I don’t know how I am going to tell the therapist where we are at is basically in the same place we started with the tickets ..I feel like I am in trouble or not a good Mom because I didn’t follow the rules of the therapy after our meetings ..believe me I tried and I will keep trying but when you have to pick your battles with our darlings I am all for the quieter way …

leanz… I like the immediate star idea I might try that
Kelly ..I will stick with it for as long as possible …5-10 years LOL

I am seriously thinking of just paying him in real money …I always call him Mr Crabs like SpongeBob because he literally hoards his money and change ..I think he might see the actually accountability that way …He loves qtrs./dimes/nickels…I will let everyone know

Hugs to all …Thank you