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I was anti-medication for several years. When teachers, doctors, or health care professionals would even hint at medication I would immediately shut them down. And I tried everything – supplements; therapies; diet changes; etc. There always seemed to be a missing puzzle piece. Behaviors would improve, but never significant, I guess enough to give me some hope or cause to believe that medication wasn’t needed, I just needed to try something else.

My husband helped finally open my ears enough to listen to the doctors. And luckily, we have a dang good (and patient) doctor. What finally made me realize that deciding to medicate was the right choice was about a month after starting the medication my son telling me he felt better on the medication; about 3 months after starting the medication him gaining an entire year worth of reading knowledge; 6 months after him starting him passing the state reading test unassisted; first him going an hour without having to excuse himself to the resource room because he was overwhelmed in the general education classroom – and then 2 hours – then half a day – then eventually a FULL day! Seeing all that intelligence explode out of him like it had been trapped inside not knowing how to get out.

I didn’t know it was the right decision for my son until I tried it. For my son, it was the missing puzzle piece, not a fix all – just a piece. My advice would be to keep an open mind, do your research and speak to the experts.