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It was a very tough decision, one that somedays we regret, somedays we are so grateful for technology and medicine. However, as your child changes you realize it’s just a temporary means to an end…and in reality the ADHD will never end, its learning how to navigate parenting with it and truly understanding your child…the whole child and having realistic expectations. It wasn’t until I had changed his diet, used essential oils, tried other natural supplements and by 2nd grade with at least 1 major incident happening at school due to his impulsivity, I realized we owed it to him to seek out additional help. The key…is finding a very good child psychiatrist.ask around and pay out of the pocket if you have to. Trust me, it’s worth it…it’s what we more recently did and wish we would’ve sought out different doctors 2 years ago. You want a Dr. who understands children as well as who understands all your concerns, questions and one you can trust with their judgement. Yes…do your own research now on meds so that you are familiar with other options. This sight has been fantastic for that. But when I was physically and mentally exhausted of doing the “walk of shame” each day to pick up my son from school, and we realized that the dynamics within our home were tumultuous…that we owed him another chance. It hasn’t been easy and 2 years into using medication we have a new psychiatrist who my son likes and answers all our questions and concerns and we are hopeful that after trying 5 different meds and combinations that we will possibly find something that works for his beautiful mind. And realistically…we might not, but in the end have learned so much more about our amazing son, and are supporting him the best way possible. His brain is thanking us for it and seeing the clarity in thinking, conversation and improvement in split thinking judgement and decisions is confirmation we are doing the right thing for him. Good luck. Praying for you. It’s a long road, but remember you are doing it for your child. Do your research on meds that are out there. It’s empowering. Go to your CHADD local chapter…ours has had psychiatrists come in and talk about meds and it’s been so helpful.