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I’ve been in special needs classes and I am surprised they didn’t put me on medication or spoke with my parents about the possibility of me having ADHD/ADD. It wasn’t until in my adulthood that I was diagnosed with it when I’ve noticed I couldn’t focus on tasks. I had a difficult time trying to retain information as a child. I probably out grew it in my early adulthood years (Risperdal-treated for psychosis but can be treated for various of things) but then it hit me hardcore when I tapered off of it. It came back to me like a brick slapped right into my face. I understand what you are going through it’s tough when you self doubt yourself. If you build your self confidence, I am sure you can accomplish many things. It may take more effort than others but at least you have a goal set out for yourself. I was in your situation when I was your age and I’ve felt overly anxious. Do not let that anxiety break you. Overcome your fear or your obstacles. It takes time and it takes practice to achieve your goals.