Reply To: FMLA


Hi! I work in employment law and deal with this very often. There is something called “intermittent FMLA”, which would protect you (if you qualify) for those doctors notes. You do not need to release the condition to your employer, you just need to provide notes excusing you from work from the doctor, and that you can return with no restrictions following those appointments. There are parameters around how much time you get when using intermittent FMLA, which, I don’t have in front of me- so I suggest you doing that research as well. My suggestion- give as much notice as possible for any appointments, and ALWAYS have a doctors note. ADA can help cover you, but FMLA is a better route to start with. I hope this helps! I’ll keep checking in to see if you have any follow up questions that I might be able to get you some info on 🙂