Reply To: Non-stimulants?


Good questions! As a parent to a child with ADHD Hyperactive/Impulsive type, we are newer to the medication game. My son started a stimulant medication Vyvanse, 20 mg, last spring. When he was having some heavy side effects from the stimulant- loss of appetite, weight loss, we asked his psychiatrist about a non-simulant option.

My son’s doctor then prescribed him Wellbutrin as a non-stimulant option. From personal experience my husband and I knew that this medication tends to be used as a “catch all” from depression to smoking cessation, we were reluctant to go this route. Especially since we knew that stimulant options were better for treating ADHD symptoms.

We decided against starting the Wellbutrin and tried a different dosing schedule with the Vyvanse, which has worked wonderfully. I know it is not what you were initially looking for, but it (Vyvanse) has been a positive for our son.

Good luck!

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