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Oooh! Good topic! We have not tried this with our son (10yo, ADHD Hyperactive/Impulsive type) nor do I know of studies/reports on this topic.

In fact, I have only recently heard of a “weighted blanket” for ADHD, etc. I think this is the route we are going to try. For years, we noticed that at bedtime our son liked to have tons of blankets and stuffed animals piled on top of him. Or he would like us to lay on him (not with our full weight, of course.) He would breathe an audible sigh of relief at bedtime when a ton of blankets were on him!

Once I read about a weighted blanket, I realized it made sense! The weight was comforting to him! But, these blankets are rather cost-prohibitive. As a low-cost alternative, we were strolling through Costco when my son saw this huge stuffed bear that he liked. As it turns out, “bear” serves the same purpose as all of the blankets! My son likes to lay bear on him at night these days. Lol. Keep in mind, he is old enough and strong enough to push bear off of him at will.

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