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Good morning everyone!

My heart raced as I saw responses to this post over the course of yesterday. The TaurusMoon mind screamed “feedback! Yes! Allll of the feedback, please!” Lol. Now that I am sitting down with coffee and my keyboard, I can absorb what you have said. And I THANK YOU for being there and weighing in with compassion.

ADHDmomma: Thank you for a wonderful and comprehensive response. Although sobering, your words are what I needed to hear from someone else, as we really have had no guidance with this. We do have an excellent school counselor who has worked closely with my son since he has been at this school. We have also been through the “school musical chairs” including homeschool. Since my son is only in 4th grade, we are EXHAUSTED and reluctant to switch any more than what a relocation would require (which, again we may be experiencing.) Sharing about your son’s experience gave me food for thought for the future! I have heard that many close friendships are forged as kids get older, so this leaves us with hope. And I am so happy to hear that things have turned around for your son significantly! I teared up for you when you explained his experiences.

Pump2Duncan: You are our fellow scouting family! I believe we discussed the merits of the Scouting life in another thread and I will high five you on that!! My son is now a Webelo and my husband and I are den leaders. As a little Tiger, my son took to scouts right away and it was his first time being included in something and enjoying every minute of it. That is why I go ALL IN when it comes to Cub Scouts!! Thank you for your feedback and I love the “neighborhood birthday party!!” This is something that we think about as we prepare to purchase a home: getting to know our neighbors and researching a neighborhood with kids and welcoming personalities is huge. Our neighborhood in our old city was beautiful and we were close with our neighbors, but there were barely any kids!

leanz: Hi there and thank you for speaking up! I am with you 100% on finding things to do with my kiddo. I cannot tell you how many hours I have filled on the weekend finding random events around town to attend, going on adventures and finding games to play around the house to fill the hours on the weekend and over breaks. I do have to remind myself that when we are tromping around town and laughing it up, my son IS having a good time and we are enjoying each others’ company. Although it can be exhausting to fill in the gaps, I suppose that is part of the parenting process. And with an only child like ours, the lack of siblings and friends is made up for in experiences as I try to fill his world in other ways. For the sake of both of our children, I hope that they find their way as the years pass and I believe they will. As a mom I want to see the changes happen NOW, but that is unrealistic. Gauging his happiness and seeing to it that he has other things going on in his life that keep him feeling fulfilled works for me as we go down this road.

Please, keep the thoughts coming!! Have a great day!!

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