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Hey, well it’s like reading my thoughts, so you are NOT alone in this struggle. It was so much more manageable without kids, but each one sent me farther out of control. My husband is also successful and very busy, and my issues are causing strife between us due to the multi-faceted ways thast ADD effects me and therefore everything around me. The constant shame and depression from not being able to function like I need to is unbearable. I listened to the webcast today, cried a bit just hearing from someone who understands why I’m like this, I think that is one of the hardest parts…feeling alone. We recently moved, I’m off meds and having hard time finding psychiatrist, SO that is first and foremost what I need that will help. Second is therapy, finding a way to grab a lifeline because I constantly feel like I’m drowning, and getting real tired of trying to tread water to stay alive. Do you have anyone that can help you, grandparents? I try to be open with my kids about my ADD and how it effects me, that I need them to work with me to find a solution, and get help from the whole family to force you to stick to the plan, like set alarms on phone for daily homework time and making dinner, bath-time, etc, Sunday afternoons are family pick up the house time and tell your husband or friend about what you need to do on a certain day as I find that it holds me accountable which is that deadline I need to get anything done. I totally hear you and understand, the whole mom thing feels a hundred times harder with ADD and it’s frustrating feeling like this.