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Hello Jeff, I am amazed at how medications affect each of us differently just like many of you have said. I am taking Bupropion for depression because it is the only antidepressant that helps even my mood and gives me a little more energy. My physician thinks I have ADD so we have tried Adderrall and Methylphenidate. The methylphenidate made me feel very strange. I was loopy, absent minded, more anxious and extremely jumpy and even paranoid. The Adderrall made my heart race really fast a few times which scared me, but I tried taking a quarter of a pill instead as my old physician suggessted and it actually helped my concentration immensely. I am now having the same issues as you, ironically with the Adderrall though, not the Concerta. My new doctor does not believe in prescribing anything for ADD because it is “bad for your heart and way too dangerous”. I can not find a psychiatrist who takes my insurance or will accept a new adult patient. Another psychiatrist did not have any openings until March 2018. I only have two pills left now and I am trying to save them for when I really need them. I feel you, brother. I wish I could give you my methylphenidate since it affects me in the opposite way of how it affects you. Good luck to the both of us in trying to find a good doctor. My prayer is that God will heal all of us and we will not need any meds in the name of Jesus. I thank Him in advance for answering this prayer. God has made us complete! Your faith has made you well.