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Still failing, lots of frustration, lots of tears. She can learn it and understand it very quickly she just can’t seem to get it back out onto paper and gets so frustrated when it’s repeated to her like she is too dumb to understand. She has Been through multiple medication changes that have made her sick, tired, cranky, emotional, and behind in class work. Started vyvanse 2 weeks ago. Watching heart rate closely as it’s making heart rate elevated. They are also Adding buspirone for anxiety. I am Worried about side effects a lot and we’re not making much head way. I am really Grateful vacation is coming up, everyone needs a break. Start over again when we go back in January, we have a very short 504 list and next to no compliance, so frustrating when she is going through so much. Thinking about trying online school for her core classes instead. Do any of you do online schooling with your middle school aged children? Opinions are greatly appreciated.

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