Reply To: Generic Adderall


I have talked about this specific brand before and it is trash. I always ask what brand to pharmacy has before I get mine filled which leads me to going to several pharmacies and getting treated like a drug user. This company should be banned from selling this. I have terrible reactions to the fillers and it absolutely does nothing for my ADD. I am 44, Mom of three and deal with a lot of stress which requires my full mental focus. Teva is my favorite but it’s getting harder to find. I pay 1300.00 a month for insurance which is now going up to 1800.00 and can’t afford the brand name adderall. Maybe I should quick my job, get divorced and file for assistance to be able to get the good stuff. There is no winning. I pray for each and everyone who is struggling with trying to manage ADD like me on there own. I have yet to find the right combination of meds and I was diagnosed at 40. It is a constant struggle. You are not alone.