Reply To: Generic Adderall


Hi, yes I have also experienced problems with my 15 mg generic Adderall manufactured by Aurobindo. The generic I had before worked just fine! Helped slow my mind and improved focus with no side effects. Than when I picked up my new script the pharmacist informed me that the pills may look different as they switched brands. I thought nothing of it until later. The first couple days of taking the Aurobindo pills were very uncomfortable. My heart was racing, couldnt focus or think clearly, was mashing my teeth together, started a weird nervous twitch with my toes. Honestly I could keep going too about all the side effects. It took me a few days of this before I got fed up and started racking my brain for why i felt this way. Put all the facts together, stopped taking my generic Adderall and i felt fine. Took it the next day, same horrible symptoms. I’ve looked into it a bit and have seen several articles about Aurobindo getting in trouble with not just the FDA but other countries quality control as well. And that an issue may also be allergies to different inactive ingredients. It appears that most of Aurobindo meds are produced in India which is not as regulated by the FDA as you’d think it would be. So you are not crazy! There is A LOT of complaints Ive found towards Aurobindo medications.