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Last week it took all day to finally get to that cup of coffee I heated up in the microwave. I turn it on…1 minute and 6 seconds makes it hot but not hurting hot. Mmmmm coffee. During that time I got on with what I was doing and forgot I wanted coffee. Later that same day~…I go to heat up a sandwich and rediscover that cup still there (slaps forehead). So I run it through again because I mean it this time. Yep wandered off and lost out again. More later that same day~…I’m wicked hungry now so I go to heat up something to eat and see that same coffee still in there, and the sandwich I was going to have earlier right beside the oven on the counter. This time I made it a point to watch every second tick by until the ding. Boy that was a loooong wait, a whole 66 seconds but I got that coffee finally. Since I now had 2 sandwiches ready to go I stuck them both in same time and sat sipping my coffee and watched the sandwiches go in circles until the ding. I offered the newer warm sandwich to wifey and she was so tickled to get that (without asking for it first) like I read her mind. And I was like, “I was thinking of you when I did it” or something to that effect. In the end I became a coincidental mind reader and enjoyed the kudos for it.