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I constantly think about not getting hurt. I tend to get injured in some way darn near every other day. It’s routine for me. Even as a kid. The simplest and straight forward task can bring blood or a giant bruise. Often not even noticed until I see evidence on the floor or someone tells me. I carry around boxes of bandaids in everything I have with me. In my vehicle, all my packs, the bike, lunch box, etc. Mostly the big 2″x3″ type. Gauze, tape, super glue, Israeli bandages,even a cat tourniquet like the military uses. Haven’t had to break that out yet. Lots of money spent for the probability of tragedy. All this causes me to try to be to a fault ,overly careful doing anything. Sometimes it makes me back away from something because I can see the ugly picture of a typical accident by trying. Many times not. Lots of broken bones and scars abound in my 58 years here. Since my diagnosis about 3 yrs ago I learned some of us can be accident prone and klutzy. Hmm, go figure… Honestly, some of these “wrecks” aren’t really all my fault but there I am, getting banged up anyway. Like when my son’s Great Dane ran head-on into the front of my bike and crashed me into the ground. What kind of any animal does that? Not much blood, but a bushel of black n blues and grass stains. Did not see that one coming. Every time I had a DR appt. the doc’s assistant takes vitals and stuff before he comes in and they will ask if I have fallen since the last time I was there. And I’m like, “Why what have you heard”? Come to find out its just a question they ask all patients to check if any medications are causing dizziness that results in a tumble. Makes sense. Anyway, with all the medical stuff at my disposal I maybe could be a asset to disaster relief other than me someday. I think about that too.

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