Reply To: Generic Adderall


Until today, I didn’t know different manufacturers made the generic Adderall. I humorously thought that it was all manufactured by the same place. I guess I never cared enough to look into it or even think about it. I’ve always teased people for buying name brand without even understanding the process. A jerk move, I know. Anyway, I started filling my prescription at Smith’s because it was the cheapest. The pills looked different and seemed softer. I figured that they would get into my system faster, so I was happy about that. Also, I hadn’t taken Adderall in a couple of weeks because I had run out. I do that on purpose a few times a year thinking that it will help me to keep from building up too much of a tolerance. Anyway, the pills just didn’t work well. I didn’t blame the pills, I simply blamed myself for allowing my body to build up a tolerance. I spoke to my doctor about alternatives, but they were too expensive for me. So, I kept taking what I had since that was better than nothing. Long story short, I filled my prescription at Walgreens yesterday and took my pill this morning and felt “normal”, which led to me doing a Google search for “are generic prescriptions different from pharmacy to pharmacy?”. I had no idea there were different manufacturers until today. So, the brand that was just “better than nothing” was Aurobindo. The one I highly prefer is Teva. I’m sure other brands are great too, but I don’t plan on getting them when Teva works great for me.