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Wow, it really is amazing how hard it is to get the medicine you need. I just started adderal 3 months ago at age 60. Along with counseling the world is so much better. The problems are that too many people abuse the stimulants. The biggest mistakes you could make are to assume your doctor is really up to speed about adult adhd. Combine that with their reluctance to prescribe and you lose. I have been seeing the same doctor for 30 years and they still treated me like a criminal. Use your hyperactivity to learn all you can and you simply have to be persistent and well armed with the facts. You need to know that stimulants are the first line treatment and are effective 88% of the time and that the risk for someone with adhd is minuscule compared to the risks of not treating. For me any kind of depressant was a disaster and I had to try several before they would give me the right prescription. Even the so called non-stimulants are stimulant like and have worse cardiac risk with much less chance of working, and chances are your doctor does not know this. Your doctor also doesn’t understand how debilitating it can be because adhd is still considered fairly benign by most doctors. I was on my second divorce, had two bankruptcies lost many friends and in danger of health problems from drinking 2 pots of coffee a day. Somewhere between 4-11 percent of adults have adhd and .5 percent are getting treatment so you have to fight the notion that adhd is over prescribed. Best of luck