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Yes, we have this issue on and off when it comes to therapy. My son expected his sessions to be like what he has seen on tv and read in books- you lie on the couch and tell your doctor what is troubling you. Lol. He said “she talks to me like I’m a kid.” Keep in mind, he is 10 years old and in 4th grade. I told him that a session like that could get very boring for a kid and he may find himself not having anything to say. When I asked him if he was willing to give up the games and toys that his therapist has waiting for him, he had to think on that one. Lol.

One therapy tool that we have been mostly successful with is the “Proud Bank.” My son made a bank with his therapist and some “proud coins” to deposit into the bank. This is to be used for “hard but proud” moments in my kiddo’s day, both at school and at home. In short, something he would normally push back on or not do (hard) but he powers through, finishes the task and is proud that he did so. Coin! He writes down that “proud moment” on the coin and deposits it into the bank.

At the end of the week, we go through all of his deposits and he gets a small treat, not over $5. We set monthly and semi annual goals to keep him motivated and this positive feedback method focuses on his accomplishments that he can be in control of.

Your son may find himself earning his tech back sooner than he thought, if he is up for earning coins!

Good luck!

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