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Not sure I can count the times

-Have left the lawn mower running after getting of to move some limbs, then decided to go ahead pick up all the limbs, lawn mower ran until my wife got home and as I was watching
TV asked me why the lawnmower was running
-Put clothes in a pile to wash, never made it to the washer,
-Have got them to the washer, but never turned it on
-When i have got them in and turned on never swapped them over
-Left my car runnning in the employee parking area multiple times for the entire work day
-Left groceries in my trunk for a couple of days
-If I am not driving to work, but going in the same direction I end up driving to work, then having to change course
-Forget my Dr appts for my ADHD meds, until I take the last one
-Always have 10 half completed projects going on (glass half full kind of guy)
-Before I got married, all the bills that weren’t paid thru autodraft. the companies would call, and email me before they would charge me late fees
-I have a list of what to get at the grocery store, but usually left the list at home, in my vehicle, or forgot I put it in my pocket. Then try to go off my memory. Which
never works
– It doesn’t matter what project I am doing it shouldn’t take me longer than 30 mins to a couple hours..3 days later……
– If i tell you I am only playing 18 holes of golf ..just know it will be 36 holes
– If I going to play cornhole for a few hours, just know it will be all night or until everyone else quits..

My wife enjoys my ADHD so much