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I am 57, will be 58 next month. I was diagnosed adhd (and other stuff) 3 yrs ago. I do home repair jobs for folks where my tools and stuff get hauled out to use. Some of them I can’t seem to find before leaving after I’m done. I usually get them back when they call me to inform me they found one of my belongings I forgot. Sometimes it’s news to me if I haven’t had a need to use the item since then. I have become aware that the medication wears off in the afternoon but a lot of the time it catches me by surprise while I’m working. One evening I misplaced an important tool at their home. I called them to say they might stumble onto it and they couldn’t see it anywhere. They really canvassed the entire home. It was my cordless drill that is part of a set using the same batteries so, it meant I was also down 1 battery. I looked everywhere at home and every place I could have been, even places I was was sure I hadn’t been. It made me crazy and really upset with myself this time. The tool wasn’t a cheap one either, and I cant just go out and buy another so I got by with an old beater drill until I could solve this mystery. I thought I had really done it this time. It was gone. I went through the usual grieving and kicking myself for that. This was over a year ago. After going through that day in my mind over and over for weeks it hit me that I may have somehow left it where it was covered up by sheet rock inside a hollow place in their wall. I couldn’t expect these folks would be OK with ripping their wall open to see so I didn’t ask. I thought “that’s what I get for being an airhead at times”. That it’s a par for the course for being special so I let it go finally. Fast forward to a week ago these same people had to replace their water heater. It was on the other side of that same wall where I suspected the tool was. The home owner has an inspection scope with an LED viewing screen and we got ready to drill a small hole to put the probe in to look. The anticipation was not unlike Geraldo on TV busting a hole in a basement wall hoping to find Al Capone’s secret treasure stash. The cavity hadn’t seen light for a year so when the probe panned around it looked like those murky videos of the Titanic, and then it came into view. Hah! I knew it was there all along….not! Everyone was excited to see the mystery of the missing Dewalt finally solved. I must try to be extra vigilant in those fuzzy hours when the meds drop me like a hot potato and get all loopy. Or just stop before something ridiculous happens. That would be much easier.