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What does his IEP offer? Does he receive accommodations?

Does the school have an ESE counselor? That is their job to create an education plan, which
includes help with his studies.

Do you come from a state where ADD/ADHD is a disability as opposed to an impairment? When we
lived in NJ, this was a state that recognized ADD as a disability and the school provided individual
tutor who would come into the classroom and assist the children.

When we moved to a state that didn’t recognize ADD as a disability, the state provides group tutoring
classes outside of the regular classroom.

I also found that from an early age that any math that could be done electronically helped to reinforce
math lessons all through grammar school. ADD has trouble paying attention and focusing but we found
that handheld devices that required interaction were the most useful.

We also started using headphones
in Kindergarten that plugged into the device which helped to keep his attention in one direction. Our
son is now age 22 and still uses headphones in college. It’s been a saving grace. Often teachers would
record lessons for him and he would listen through the headphones. This also helped to reinforce the

Consider introducing your child to a computer and various computer programs. Set up a timer when he can
use the computer and when he has to do his homework. I had timers all over the house. It helps them
to stay focused and paces their learning with frequent breaks.

Your child’s IEP should include any adaptations that your physician agrees will help your child. It has
to be in writing.

My suggestion is to learn about what resources are available to your child. Speak to people who are responsible
for ESE students. Learn what your state offers. Call the Dept of Education and ask questions. Google CHADD and
attend a meeting. Educating yourself is the best way to help your son succeed.

Learning math early on is a good thing IMO. It sets him up for success for 1st grade. Not having confidence
is a huge factor in ADD/ADHD so if you set him up for success early, he’ll be more confident which can only
help him meet future challenges.

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