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Mom in Wisconsin raising her hand and saying “I KNOW WHERE YOU ARE COMING FROM!” Unfortunately my 10 year old son’s impulsive/angry responses to small frustrations has made our experience at his current school exhausting to say the least.

The school counselors/principal/teachers have been very supportive, fortunately. Unfortunately, this is a small private school community and we have effectively been made outsiders. My son has one good friend (I reassure him that one great friend is an important thing to have,) but he is SO personable and perceptive and wants more friends. It seems as though the damage has been done and sadly my son has made a name for himself. In short, kids play with him at school, but he doesn’t get any playdates/invites to parties.

Scouting has been a huge part of our family as well. In fact, I do not know how my kiddo would have done without Cub Scouts. As we are also on a budget, I recently joined our local YMCA so he would have activities (swimming, etc.) over the holiday break and in the new year that are low-cost. I also try to keep up with events going on in town through Facebook, so if there is a free event, we can invite his friend to come with or we can enjoy something as a family so he does not feel so lonely on the weekends. We have been there/done that with changing schools and even homeschooling. A job change forced us to relocate and remove him from the private school that he was thriving in.