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The scenario you describe above strikes me as being very similar to the “meltdown” of my autistic son. You may have sensitivities to touch/sound/smell that you are not aware of, and when a certain threshold is met by those inputs, your system just can’t take it, and you experience a meltdown. The recommended “recovery” ritual for my son’s meltdowns is to seek a private place in which to decompress; no conversation with anybody during this time. Breathing, doing a favorite activity, or jumping on a mini trampoline might be enjoyed during this time, in the calming place. The key is to withdraw from the inputs; tuning into your body’s reaction to stressors and keeping a record can help figure out what to avoid/expect. My son has a scale for self-assessing his level of emotional intensity (green to red). The idea is to raise self-awareness when the intensity is at a moderate level, in order to ward off the intensity of a complete meltdown.