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Let me see if I can explain how mine works. I am non emotional, logical, and insensitive..BUT…every now and then something will set me off. It is typically something small, and inconsequential that others would see as no big deal, but for some reason in that moment I can’t control it, and then start obsessing over it. I will become overly sensitive, start crying and not be able to stop which will then turn into uncontrollable fits and anger. When the anger portion hits I will usually go running, play basketball, or some sort of activity. It will last anywhere from 2-6 hours from start to finish. I ultimately get so worn out from it I will lay down and go to sleep. Then wake up feeling fine completely rested and not able to understand why I was set off, acted that way, and embarrassed. It doesn’t happen often, but I hate it when it does..My wife hates it more than I do and she can tell when it starts to come on, she sees my body language change, eyes start to water up, she knows its time to go home.