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My husband is an amazing man, and I will never forget the day we were in marriage counseling and he brought up my son. It blindsided me. I never even knew it was an issue for him. Sure my son was special needs, sure he was ADHD, un-medicated, and LD but we had systems in place. We rode home in silence. I knew he was right. The situation wasn’t great. The daily negative reports, etc. etc. etc. Why was I so unwilling to try medication?

Anyway. If he had never said anything, I would have never knew there was an issue. My initial reaction was anger and parental protection. It’s a tricky spot for a step-parent type figure to be in. However, with the help of the counselor (I think that’s why he picked the counseling session to bring up the topic), we moved passed those initial reactions. And he was there for me to help and support me and my son. He became more engaged in the treatment plan, and he found a couple common interest areas that he shared with my son that they could bond over. I began looking at and than ultimately decided to start medication. And we revamped some treatment plans. Ultimately, overtime things got a lot better.

Fast forward a few years, and I am truly thankful for that counseling session and him bringing it to my attention that there was an issue. My husband and I are happier but more importantly, my son is happier and leads a more fulfilling life at home and at school.