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While my son’s ADHD medication is prescribed through the ped’s office, that is only because I feel more comfortable with one doctor prescribing any and all medications for my son due to his unique medical needs because of his physical and mental needs. Little background, my son was in and out of doctors offices and hospitals since infancy, so he has always had multiple doctors. I prefer one central doctor to be the “go-to” for everything, to know everything that is going on with him. However, at the beginning of our ADHD journey, even though my son’s doctor is pretty well versed in the different types of ADHD medications he was unwilling and unable to prescribe any ADD/ADHD medication without an official diagnosis. Which I completely understood.

My son had a neuro done when he was 5, and I found it very insightful. In fact, I still sometimes refer to it. At least in ours there was entire sections that gave me pointers to help me navigate certain situations. Later on we had a Conners Assessment done which specifically addressed the ADHD. So while the ped may write the prescription, he does so based on the recommendation of the reports of the ADHD experts. ADHD really becomes a team effort between counselors, teachers, parents and doctors.