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Penny Williams

Intelligence is not the sole measure of capability. This is something I’ve been fighting for teachers to understand for my own son, who is 15. I’ve been fighting for that understanding for 9+ years, and still hitting a wall with it. I think it makes having a disability a lot harder when you’re super smart. And intelligence and functioning are two totally separate processes in the brain, one cannot cancel out the other.

I want you to know that not everyone is good at school, but that doesn’t make you a failure now, and it doesn’t cement a struggling future. There are many very successful adults who barely passed or didn’t even graduate high school. I know that doesn’t diminish today’s struggle much, but it does help you not let it cloud all the possibilities of your future.

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As for school, meet with your guidance counselor, tell him or her what you’re struggling with, and ask if he or she will help you get some accommodations to even the playing field so you have access to academic success.

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