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Good to have some humor.

I think my silliest story the car incident.
I used to take the train to work, and of course I am running late. I park my car in this two story parking garage, grab my things, and dart off to work. Later that day, I take the train home and start walking to the car. I notice several police men around my car, the front door is open and the car was running. I say “hey guys what’s going on?” They ask me if this was my car, I said yes. Well apparently in the morning I jumped out of my car, forgot to shut off my engine, take the keys with me,and left the door open. Someone called and the police were afraid I was kidnapped. I asked why hey weren’t laughing, and they said “we will laugh back at the station ma’am.”

I guess this is humorous if these things were a rare occurrence, but alas they are not.