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I think that the webmaster should add a button that says “Yep, I did that/that happened to me too”!

I can’t remember whether I posted it here, or elsewhere on this site, but I once missed a plane because I got hyper-focused in writing my last minute Xmas cards at the departure gate sitting area.

Someone else mentioned having lost glasses, I never lost my glasses as a child, but as an adult, I have lost them several times. Once, and I don’t know exactly how this happened, I found my glasses in my ficus tree, during an infrequent watering!

One thing that I think we all should remember to do is GIVE OURSELVES A BREAK!!! Find the humor in these situations, and try to avoid self-deprecation to the point that we are apologizing for our very existence. As a group, we are very understanding and accommodating of others, and I think that we deserve the same respect and patience of of our fellow humans, regardless of our foibles!